Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Oh dear. So very addicted. This is so much better than any other social media distraction that has entered your life in the past five years. Name your passions - food, crafts, technology, photography, design, travel, cars, fashion, history - they have it.

It's hard to fully explain until you're on it. Just picture a bulletin board of all of the best ideas that your interests have to offer. And then a way to click on your favorites and say "yes, please, put that on my bulletin board too!" The internet and its abundance of ideas is massive, and this is the first organized way to not forget all of those great things that you find.

It's such a beautiful way to fuel all of the hobbies in your life, the stuff you never make enough time for. Something just for you that has nothing to do with other people or what they think or what they want. Just a place to collect all of the stuff you love most about life. 

Here's my page. Go make your own and celebrate YOU.


1 comment:

Kpedrick83 said...

I agree!! I started with Pinterest about 2 months ago, and I am loving it! :)

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