Monday, October 24, 2011


It's no secret that I long to be French. I want to wear nothing but stripes and berets and eat crepes and visit art museums. That's pretty much all actual French people do, yes?

I've long been thinking that people in America don't wear scarves enough. They're so beautiful and functional, especially in New York. But my stumbling block, aside from not really owning any of the non-winter kind, is that I don't know how to tie them.

Enter brilliant scarf video! I need to watch it again and take notes because once is not enough


The Perfect Space said...

Yum and I have made a pact to wear more scarves this year, and this video is SUPER helpful. In fact, I'm wearing one RIGHT NOW, and I'll be using "The Turtleneck." This is very timely for me :-)

::clh:: said...

wow, love that! thanks so much for sharing :)

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