Thursday, November 10, 2011

Sick toddler food solution

Charlotte came down with a horrendous case of the croup over the weekend and it's been hanging on tight for days. In addition to the roughly 36,000 hours of cartoons we've watched, there's been very little interest in food on her part. You'll be relieved to know that I'm still doing MY part to eat my weight in white carbs and processed sugar daily. Nary a veggie passed through my lips in the nine months I was pregnant with Charlotte and she's both beautiful AND smart, so clearly that's the key, "SCIENTISTS."

Anyway, I had to get all parent ninja to come up with something healthy that she'd be willing to eat in her hacking, phlegming, grumpy, clingy condition and the answer was Toddler Smoothie!

You'll probably recall that I make Charlotte's morning yogurt in batches and then freeze it (Greek Yogurt - which has 2-3 TIMES the protein of regular yogurt, sweet potatoes, applesauce, & flax seed). So I took the yogurt, added in a banana, honey for sweetness, milk, and voila! A meal in a glass that the sick kiddo will eat. Until today at lunch, it's pretty much what she's had for every meal this week.

I've also been thinking about Christmas morning and breakfast and I think the Toddler Smoothie is going to be the answer. Charlotte always wakes up in need of food right away, but I'm pretty sure the sight of presents won't lend itself to pre-present yogurt eating. But the lady clearly inherited my blood sugar issues and will be a cranky monster without food, so I was trying to think of things I could shove in her face before we go downstairs that morning. Once again, Toddler Smoothie is the answer!

My plan is to set up the coffee and pre-make the smoothie on Christmas Eve so everyone has their necessary sustenance to get their Santa on. Genius.



die Frau said...

I bet you'd figure out a way to add green and red food coloring for swirls of Christmas cheer. :-)

Strongmama said...

I thought the same thing, Die Frau. A word of caution with making the smoothie early. I have done this and the yogurt tends to separate from everything else in the fridge, so it will need to be remixed or shaken. Just in case you don't plan on whipping out the blender on Christmas morning.

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