Tuesday, November 29, 2011

This is why the term "WTF" was invented

We own a vacuum. Said vacuum has a long hose with attachments that I use almost more than the actual vacuum thanks to hardwood floors, and the space under the couches, and the cat hair, and the indoor "sand box" that has pasta in it, and on and on and on.

Sometimes, when the vacuum is out, Charlotte will take off the hose extension pieces (2 pieces of hard plastic about 3 ft long) and pretend to vacuum.

The pieces - the two pieces of hard plastic that are each about THREE FEET LONG are missing. Have been missing. For over a week. Despite the fact that we've been on a huge organization kick and have no parts of our home that are currently unseen or ignored.

Lest you forget, my home is 900 square feet and, while often messy, isn't cluttered. This is MAKING THE BERRY ADULTS INSANE!!! We've looked everywhere. We've asked the 2 year old. We've looked again. It's just not possible that they're GONE!

THE HOSES HAVE BEEN FOUND!  She put them in the bottom of the bathroom closet UNDER the little potty that she doesn't use yet. Well played. My theory is that she knew she was being humiliated on the internet and secretly led me to them when she asked to use the "little potty."


1 comment:

::clh:: said...

lol. was the missing sippy cup ever found??

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