Friday, December 16, 2011

Just gotta say

So this week I ran into someone I don't know hardly at all (in fact, I'm only partially sure about her name), but who I see a lot, and she told me that she had gotten her nose shaved down.

Every time I see her I'm struck by her natural beauty. I can't explain it fully, just one of those people that strikes your eyes as so beautiful and a little bit different looking from everyone else in your life. So to hear that she had got her nose operated on was sad to me. (Granted, the Italian in me actually makes me partial to the arched noses)

I'm not in any way against plastic surgery. It's not my place to judge what makes another person feel better. And this has nothing to do with this woman or any individual woman for that matter. But the specific type of surgery that seems, to me, like the unification of all faces and elimination of uniqueness makes me sad. 

Have you ever noticed that all beautiful celebrities are beautiful in the exact same way? There seem to be no Barbara Streisands anymore. No varying forms of beauty anymore. Somewhere along the way we settled on the one kind and it's steamrolled everything else.

Some faces look better with a little nose bump, some people don't look better with blond hair, some dresses hang more beautifully when worn by someone with small breasts, and a lot of men find a lot of different and non-typical things attractive. We're collectively forgetting that and, to me, it's a detriment to our culture.

Where do you stand on this? Is there anything non-typical about someone's physicality that you love? Do you see the same phenomenon that I do and does it bother you, or do you think I'm being too sensitive? Let me know.

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die Frau said...

I think there's a generic idea of beauty, yes. However, I do see pockets of "atypical" beauty. Lauren Bacall comes to mind. Unfortunately, I think it's easier to be male and not typically attractive and STILL be found attractive, if that makes sense (Adrian Brody, for example).

What bothers me is when a female celebrity complains about the tabloids ragging on her for gaining weight, that's she's proud of her curves...and then loses 20lbs.

I can't think of other examples, but I know they're out there.

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