Friday, March 2, 2012

Adventures at the cardiologist

Scene: At the cardiologist getting an ultrasound of my heart to rule out any problems from the whole cardiac incident back in December. Laying on my left side in an extremely awkward tilted position so the tech can get the clearest view.

Sudden rush of intense pressure to my chest.

Oh my god!
I'm having chest pains!
They JUST asked me about this.
I've never had chest pains.
Oh my god!
I can't believe I'm having my first chest pains AT the cardiologist!
What does this mean!?
Should I say something?
Is the ultrasound causing this?
Oh my god, it's really intense!
There must be something more wrong than they thought.
I need to go back and tell them!
It's my milk coming in.
It's been two hours since I fed the baby.


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