Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Culinary Misstep

Me - Ugh. Something is wrong with this garlic bread.

B - Really? Mine tasted fine.

Me - (sniffs bread) Ugh, it tastes... off. Like plasticy or something? I don't know. Maybe my taste buds are off.

B - Yeah, maybe.

Me - (more bites) Ugh, no, something is wrong, this does NOT taste like the garlic bread we usually make. The garlic powder must be bad or something, I don't know.

B - Could it be the salt?

Me - I don't think so. I mean, you just used butter, salt, and garlic powder, right?

B - Yeah.

Me - I even thought it smelled weird when I opened the toaster over. (One last ditch effort at a bite) Ugh! I can't eat this. Something's wrong, it really doesn't taste good.

Realization that the garlic powder label looks just like another spice in
 our spice cabinet...  run over to the cabinet.


B - What??? No I didn't.

Me - Yes! You did! Look! The ONION POWDER is at the front of all the spices. UGH! HOW did you not notice that, you ate TWO pieces!

B - Huh. Still tasted good!

Me - Blech! No, it didn't. I can't believe you made onion bread.

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Ouiser said...

Yeah...I'm totally cooking this weekend.

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