Sunday, April 15, 2012


Hey, remember Easter? I know, me either. It was a while ago, but I still haven't balanced the whole kids/blog thing, so you're only hearing about it now.

We dyed eggs, which Charlotte approached with the precision and demeanor of an explosives expert. Next year we need to have about two dozen eggs available instead of six.

I love this one. "Dad, not now."

Easter basket from her grandparents.

Then the next day was the Easter morning egg hunt (a HUGE hit), the Easter basket (fine, but not as exciting as the egg hunt), and Easter dinner with the family.

Since she's not old enough to know that Easter baskets usually contain candy, we went with a candy-free basket this year: Bunny ears, sidewalk chalk, bubbles, bunny socks, bubbles, and play dough. Not to worry though, she virtually had a dinner comprised entirely of Smarties since I didn't realize that the pile on the counter top was within her reach.

Family photos from this year

Easter favors for Easter dinner

Easter 2010

Easter 2011

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