Monday, October 1, 2007

Buffy, meet Muffy

Well, I made it through the Board Meeting and Gala and lived to tell the tale. Despite having to leave the Saturday Board Meeting twice because of severe pain, and having the pleasure of being at the museum from 7:30am - 12:30am, the day went off quite well. All of the pictures are on the museum camera, so I'll see if I can get a few to post here. The only snafu of the gala was the fact that the $10,000 side table from New Mexico (that no one liked) sold for a whopping $300 at the live auction. And not only is that less than the shipping that we paid for, I have to call the artist tomorrow and tell him. Yikes!

I think the rest of the night was good. I literally did not put one piece of food in my mouth because I was making laps around the museum doing nothing but chatting with donors and encouraging strangers to make bids on the silent auction items. We made our goal, though, so that's good.

We also met up with a couple we met a year ago at the first gala and they invited B to the country club the next day to go golfing. So pretty much from the moment he woke up at 8:30am on Sunday, B was a 15 year old girl, waiting for her new love interest to call. "Did they call yet? Do you think they're going to? What if they stand me up? What time is it? Do you think they'll get a cart or walk? What time is it?" But they did call, exactly when they said they would and he got to spend the day in heaven, also known as the country club. I met them for drinks about five hours later (most of which I spent in scrubs, sleeping on the couch) and we had a great time. We were having so much fun that we ended up staying there and having dinner together. Oh, and they're 65. Seriously. They were as fun and cool at 65 as any of our younger friends. Either that, or we are just far more uncool that I thought we were... which would also come as no surprise.

So we've made it through the dreaded month of September, which I thought we barely would. I'm hoping that October brings a little more calm than September - more evenings at home, a little sanity, and lots of pumpkins.


die Frau said...

Glad it went well, although I'm sorry you had pain. Suggestion for shoes: Dansko clogs. They're not cheap, but they pay for themselves ten times over. Great support and very comfy, yet nice enough to wear to work, I think.

My best friends at Lafayette were in their 50s; it's just who you get along with. You ARE cool because you can have fun with different age groups.

Good luck telling the artist that his piece was just ugly and not "artistic". I've often wondered at that difference.

Anonymous said...

congrats on the whole affair. I don't envy you telling the artist, i hope you did not have to pay his price !! You are still cool, you have always gotten along with all age groups, even when you were very young. Any change those heat packs may help when you age on your feet that long? I know when I worked 12's while in Vt. they were a god sent. They are light wgt cloth. Of course with what you have they may not help, but may be worth a try. Bryan I'm sooo happy for you and the golf day, plus our wonderful DEFENCE !!!! It's my NY thing I bought to put on my crocs. :):) And here is to a quieter month of Oct.

Anonymous said...

OK so I forgot to sign the above Love Mom

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