Monday, January 14, 2008


Remember how I told you that we had all of the septic problems a few weeks ago? Well, it’s been a minefield around here as a result. Not only are they putting in an entire new septic system, they are redoing the entire water system – well, tank, pipes, filtration, etc. There is not one piece of our yard that doesn’t having a gaping hole in it. And really, I’m not complaining because it doesn’t effect us, but it’s pretty crazy out there so I thought I’d show you some pics from my cell phone.

This is what used to be a lovely back yard. There is a hole the size of a school bus back there.

This is the trench on the side of the house that we have to hop over to get out of the house.

And last but not least, I wanted to give a HUGE cheer for our wonderful New York Giants and the even more wonderful Eli Manning! Once again they showed what they are capable of and beat the Cowboys, who are not only their biggest rivals, but who were ranked #1 in the conference until yesterday when our little #5 G-men beat them on their own turf. I was telling Ouiser this morning that not only did B look like a novelty store puked Giants gear all over him, he was screaming and running around the house and fielding tons of phone calls after the victory last night - it was like the boy-version of getting engaged :)

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die Frau said...

I admit, since the Bills cashed out and the Sabres have apparently phoned their games in as well, I felt extremely pleased to see the Giants pull out that win. I even said to T, "Bryan and Marilyn in particular are going nuts right now!"

Good luck with the revamping of the water system!

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