Sunday, January 6, 2008

Check! Check!

Two more wedding things done. Yesterday B and I drove to Macy's (an hour away) so that I could take advantage of the huge New Year's "One Day Only" sale and buy the bridesmaids gifts! It was so great - I found beautiful gifts and since everything was so discounted, I got to buy everyone things that normally would have far exceeded my budget. Then this morning I put my own crafty/pretty touch on the packaging and put the main gifts together with some other smaller things and ta da!! I now have 5 of THE prettiest gifts for my girls. They're all so pretty and color coordinated, I just love 'em!! In case you have forgotten, few things in life make me as giddy as pretty wrapping, packaging, paper, ribbon, etc. I wish I could have a teeny tiny store where I could sell pretty paper products and my own craft creations.

Item #2 was almost equally exciting as it involved paper as well. I ordered our very pretty thank you cards online. And none of this "one card for before the wedding/one card for after the wedding" stuff- too much money and too complicated for my taste. One card, a Cabernet-colored vine, our names and the date. Lovely.

Lastly, I want to give a big hooray to the Giants. Eli, bless his heart, continued to show great talent and he led the Giants to their first playoff win in seven years! Seven! It was a slow start, but a great game after that. Hooray!!!!

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Leslie said...

Hey - it didn't occur to me until now to ask, but are you taking B's name?

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