Monday, February 11, 2008

Taking a Break

B and I had such a lovely and relaxing weekend. I had plans to continue on wedding projects, since that's what I do every weekend, but I needed a break. I didn't even know I needed one but it was so nice. I sit with my face in a computer all day and then I end up doing the same thing all weekend, so to just sit in the house with B and watch movies and play with the kitties was so genuinely relaxing. The coming months will be such a whirlwind, that I'm enjoying every calm moment I can.

Some very bitter weather hit central New York this weekend, so with the exception of a quick bubble tea adventure, we didn't go outside at all. Sunday had full white-out conditions with wind chill around -15 and winds at 30 mph! Luckily for us, we got to take a break from our heat as well. What's that, you say? Yes, our heat. Our heater failed last night and we awoke at 4am freezing and with both cats curled up next to us. Our furnace sometimes stops working for no apparent reason and we have to hit the reset button in order to get it going again, but no one was about to do that at 4am. So we added another blanket and dealt with it this morning.

In political news - big happy cheers for an Obama sweep of the four states this weekend! My dad and his wife (who live in Washington State) volunteered to be Obama delegates for their county in April - so cool!

Also big cheers for the end of the writer's strike in LA! Maybe we can have some more episodes of The Office.... I'm in Jim & Pam withdrawal. Although, with all of the exciting primaries, pretty much the only show we watch anymore is Keith Olberman.

P.S. - Big "Happy Birthdays" to two lovely ladies: B's mom (on Saturday) and M from Vermont (today!!)

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