Thursday, April 24, 2008

What's Your SSB?

There was an episode of Sex & the City once that talked about our SSB - our Secret Single Behavior. The things we like to do when no one is around to judge or make fun. One character liked to eat jelly on saltines while standing in the kitchen, one liked to study her facial pores, etc.

Well... apparently... I like to watch the horror show known as the Marie Osmond Dolls on QVC. Yes, you read that right. I had caught the show about 4 years ago while at my mom's house in Plattsburgh and sat absolutely riveted at how ridiculous the whole thing was. I watched her lick the inside of the doll's mouth so it would look more like a real baby! She licked it!! This time I learned that every Christmas she strings the dolls up and decorates her tree with them. And frankly, there are not words for that visual.

I am telling you, it's like a big porcelain train wreck that you just can't look away from. I sit there wondering what crazy thing they're going to say next. And every doll is "precious," "darling," "my favorite," etc. And for the life of me, I just can't imagine who buys these things. What type of grown woman has a house filled with $100 dolls??? Anyway, it's fantastic, if you ever catch it and have a half an hour that you'll never get back, I encourage you to indulge.

So for our mini Thursday poll, if you're brave enough to share, what is your SSB???

Other than watching tiny dolls while taking a break from cleaning, we're in preparations for our visitors. My mom arrives today, and tomorrow brings Ouiser, Feather Nester, B's sister, and Z. That's a lot of girls in one house! :) I haven't had the time to think about how lovely this weekend will be, but I know it will. Looking forward to reading your SSBs!!!


Billy said...

OMG- you are lying right???? I can totally get sucked into QVC. My grandmother loves those dolls. I can't walk into her doll room without having heart palpitation's.

Those dolls lined up, staring at you, ready to kill. It's so wrong. I have seen Marie hawking her dolls more than once! Actually heres some cool facts about QVC (they were once my client), in every room on their campus outside of Philly they have monitors that show how the selling is going next to monitors that show the live studio feed. If something is not selling well it is yanked immediately, and then something else comes up. Two hours later that item that wasn't selling is now the "special value of the day." No Joke. It's pretty intense there.

Not to name drop or anything but I'm friends with David Venable. By friend, I mean we know each other by first names, and we met at the MO bar in Rehoboth where we summer.

He was very drunk one night and was talking about how no one understands him and its hard to be with him because he's famous...UMM famous??? Being on QVC does not famous make...any way...the night capped with him saying "I'm like the ocean, vast, and unsteady." LOL. We now refer to him as the ocean!!! No joke!

This summer I will take a picture with him and send off to you. He's down in Reho most weekends to do meet and greets at the QVC outlet store on Rte. 1!

I know way to much about QVC!

ithaca_chick said...

Hmmm...lets see. I haven't done this lately (probably because I have cable...possibly because I've grown out of it) but I used to indluge in a Mary Kate and Ashley movie once in a while...the ones where they are teenagers and usually in a foreign country. The boy interests were always tres hot!

die Frau said...

I'll admit it: I sometimes re-read my Harry Potter books aloud to myself, acting out the parts. It gets me more into them (even though I could recite them by heart). I occasionally do this with other books as well. I think it has to do with my once-held desire to act...or be a cartoon voice.

Anonymous said...

OMG! Die Frau, You continually CRACK ME UP! My secret single behaviors revolve around food. And my general laziness regarding food. I make whole meals of cheese. Just cheese. God I hope no one ever sees that! ~Alice

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