Saturday, May 3, 2008

Catching Up

I haven't gotten as far through the wedding to-do list as I thought I would, but all of the invitations are put together, which is a lengthier process than you would guess. I got to the end and realized that I had forgotten to put those useless little tissues in the envelopes. But like I said, they're useless, and if you think I'm delicately jamming 100 tissues into 100 invitations, you're crazy!

Word from South Carolina is that all is well. Lots of hangovers and lots of golf - pretty much what you would expect. There is already talk of taking a later flight tomorrow morning. I'm very excited to see all the photos!

And now some feedback is needed from you... We have to meet with our wedding DJ in a few weeks and have all of our song choices picked out. So if there is a song, or several, that you would like to hear, please go to the wedding website and submit your request for me!! I feel like I always forget what all the good songs are until someone else reminds me, so your help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!!

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