Monday, May 5, 2008

Opening Up

I saw this card today on Post Secret and was immediately struck by it. It's something I think about a lot, something I notice a lot, and something I fear will happen. It's the reason why I was so overwhelmed with joy when two weeks ago I had five of the most wonderful women sitting around my dining room table sharing stories all night before the bridal shower/bachelorette party weekend.

I feel like my consciousness of the issue may help to prevent it from becoming a problem, but it is true that as we age, we tend to slowly close up. You gain an awareness of the people around you and of the world we live in and it somehow trends us towards privacy and secrecy.

Even if you look to the recent past as to the person you were in college (almost ten years ago for me), when you were a young adult - I would bet that that person was more open than the person who is reading this today.

And it's not that I feel as though we should be shouting our secrets to the world (uh... unless you're writing this on a public blog...), but I think it's crucial to have a few people who you can really can be truthful with. It's the reason I've always been drawn to Feather Nester - she has such a wonderful honesty about herself and is unafraid to share her thoughts and questions and fears. In fact, I would say that all of the women I'm closest to share some degree of that.

When the psychologist in me looks around, I see a lot of loneliness. I see a lot of people who feel like they're alone in their current struggles or state of mind. And while sharing won't necessarily make the loneliness go away, it certainly helps. Just something I was thinking about this morning...


Anonymous said...

Sometimes I still think about "skinning the duck" in our underwear. :) --You know who this is


feather nester said...

Ha! I guess my last post was pretty timely, then, huh? That was by far the most personal post I've yet written. It's hard to say "this sucks" when zillions of women would love to be able to stay home with their children and when I have such a healthy, happy baby, and when motherhood is supposed to be this glorious, soul-broadening, enlightening thing. And because then it doesn't suck when she smiles at you, or laughs, or gets excited about something new, or something old, or you feel her skin and just want to cry with how beautiful she is and how wretched you feel and you don't understand why... Anyway. I get it.

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