Friday, May 30, 2008

Presence? What presence?

Where the crap is all that internal peace that I was writing about yesterday? Huh? Where!?

Soooo.... it would seem that the fact that the wedding is FAST approaching and I only have two weeks left of my job (gulp) is getting the best of me. And since everything for the wedding weekend is required to be there a week early, in my mind the wedding is only two weeks away as well.

All of my sweet friends keep asking me if I'm excited. Excited? Talk to me on the Monday before the wedding and I'll probably be exploding with annoying clouds of happiness, tiny fairies will be dancing around my feet, and little flecks of glitter will appear in my eyes... but not yet.

Until then, my brain pretty much sounds like this (read it at warp speed for full effect): How are we this close and still haven't planned the actual ceremony yet? Isn't that the whole point of the day?? What the hell am I going to wear on my feet and why doesn't anywhere on the internet have the damn shoes I wanted. Sh&t... we're going on a honeymoon... on a beach. We need things to wear on the beach. Are we idiots to be taking dance lessons 12 days before the wedding? Maybe we just won't tell anyone we took them, then we're off the hook. When in god's name is B going to write that one thing I asked him to write six months ago? Oh no. We're leaving for three days and forgot to see if anyone can check on the cats. Why is it that dishes and laundry never stop? Why! (and on, and on, and on...)


billy said...

Relax, Relate, Release...I'm only going to say this once, and I do hope we don't have to have one of those night time soap opera moments, where I slap you across the face and say snap out of it, ASK FOR HELP! WHAT DO YOU NEED???

It's your day, it will be perfect! Just ask for help and delegate. Friends and family live to feel like they are apart of your big day.

Strongmama said...

If it helps you any, the cats will be okay for three days without anyone (unless they eat wet food...) But I am sure that everything will be just fine-- ceremony perfect, shoes found, dance wonderful, thing written by B(I have no idea why it takes men so long to do things that are important to us!) Have a good weekend and rest assured, it will be fine! The bright side of everything having to be there early is that you won't be worrying about it last minute.

die Frau said...

1) Your dress is long. Nobody cares about the shoes; they will concentrate on your face and hot rack. I TOLD you to go to Target and get comfy shoes for after, anyway! It will make your night sooooo much better.

2) Billy's right, delegate. You don't have to do this all yourself. Last year I had a new job, SAT prep that I wasn't getting paid for, crew until all hours, and parents and colleagues who kept hinting that I wasn't doing enough because sometimes I didn't get papers back within a week, on top of the wedding. Jesus. Spread the wealth, sister! There are plenty of people who will do things for you! And, is it in your budget/timeframe to get a massage a few days beforehand? I didn't do this and wish I had.

3) We love you. Everything will go just fine. If it doesn't on that day, have Feathernester or someone else deal with it. It is your job to look great and feel great. On my wedding day, my aunt said something horrible and thoughtless which sent my sister crying to the bathroom, that b**** (aunt, not sister). I did not know about it until days later. I'm telling you, you just take a breath, slug some champagne, and know that everything will be fine.

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