Wednesday, June 4, 2008

50 Envelopes

While B was out of town I sat on the couch with my colored Sharpies - the four that are left, anyway - and decorated 50 envelopes, each with a Hershey's chocolate bar and a thank you note inside. (Feather Nester - does this remind you of those damn Peer Counseling bags junior year? All 300 of them?!?!)

Anyway, I've learned from people smarter than me that if something really matters and you want it done right, and you want people to go out of their way for you, you have to make them feel appreciated. I think it's the nature of life that everyone feels underpaid and underappreciated, but no where is that more true than the service industry.

So I made 50 thank you notes for our wedding coordinator to distribute to all of the staff that will be working from Thursday - Saturday to help with our wedding. That's all I have to show you for now... I doubt the pictures of my completed thank you notes would be quite as riveting.


scallan said...

Speaking of thank you cards - thank you so much for mine! I love it, the picture is perched on my dresser:)

Can't wait to see you and drop things for you to make you laugh.

billy said...

That is Brills!!!!!! I have to say, as someone who was in the service industry a long long time ago, that goes a long way. I'm always super nice to "staff."

Remind people to tip them as well.
Bags: $1/2 per bag.
Valet: $3/per trip
Housekeeping: $3/5 per night
Deliveries (more towels, etc.): $2/3 depending on what you got!

Hotel Staff are paid like wait staff because management insists that you get tips. Anyway, they don't because we forget and are cheap!

Also, if the concierge is booking restaurant reservations, outings, etc. it's very acceptable to slip him a $5, 10 or 20 spot.

Just a thought.

billy said...

Sorry that was super sexist to refer to the conceirge as a "him" it should have been him or her!

feather nester said...

OMG, okay, one more comment. YES, I remember those d*mn peer counseling bags! How could I forget?!? Although, I did, until you reminded me. What were we thinking? Holy overachievers! No wonder I'm such a stress/anxiety case. But I also remember it being super fun until we had, like, ten done, were so over it, and still had about 200 to go.

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