Saturday, June 7, 2008

Hi and Bye

Just a quick hello. It's the last weekend to do wedding tasks as we have to deliver everything to the resort next Saturday. Yesterday's hair and makeup trial went well - there was a long funny story that I hoped to have time to write up, but I don't right now. More to do! Here are some random pictures to ply you with since I'm a negligent poster lately.

Bridesmaid's gift bags. Oooooo.... what could be in there!???!

Playing with the fun and random settings on the new camera. This was "Color Swap" where I turned everything red to yellow.

Again... more settings.

"Yes... can I help you?"

1 comment:

feather nester said...

So excited to see what's in the bag!

Okay, that's enough catch-up commenting for one morning.

But I really am excited about the bag!

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