Saturday, July 19, 2008

So THAT's where it went

Conversation while entering the movie theater last night - directly after handing the lady our tickets.

B - I just had a realization

S - Yeah?

B - I just became officially married, right now, right at this moment.

S - What? Why?

B - It's a Friday. I'm alone with my wife. And we're seeing a MUSICAL instead of the latest Batman movie, which is playing right next door.

S - Do you feel like your penis just feel off?

B - Yeah... I kinda do.

I told him that I was going to report this hysterical conversation to blog land and he said that I should, as a warning to all of the other pre-married men out there. I didn't break it to him that no pre-married men read the website, but that's ok.

For the record, except for the first 20 minutes which I found annoying, Mamma Mia ROOOCKED!! I mean, you really have to like color and dance and jazz hands, but if you do, you're totally set. Also, Meryl Streep can apparently do anything as I had no idea she was a singer, and she kicked the crap out of those songs. (B liked it too, but I'm sure he'll never admit that to you)

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die Frau said...

Yeah, he's totally married.

T told me he would have to do something supremely terrible to get him to attend Mamma Mia as some sort of apology. I retorted, "That would be a punishment for ME if we went together."

I am so excited to see the new Batman!

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