Saturday, August 23, 2008

Colour My World

I found a website this morning that I'm completely crushing on. I have a love of all things design-related lately, as is obvious if you keep track of the links on the side, and this site is awesome!!

COLOURlovers: Color + Design Community for Creative Inspiration

I've been looking for some design ideas for the blog so that I can rework it one final time and this site was a gold mine. Not to mention that it gave me all kinds of ideas for cake decorations, house decorations, etc. I've been on the Pattern Search part of the website for hours tagging my favorites. But if you're looking for some house inspiration, try looking through the palette search to find colors that will go together. You can select by hue (yellow, orange, etc.), by keyword (retro, nature, etc.), by favorites, or a whole other host of options. Check out the blog and trends section as well.

If you make a profile to save colors and patterns, let me know so we can look at each other's favorites!


In other news, B's interview was very very difficult but it went well. He said there is nothing he would have done differently, so that's good. It's down to him and one other candidate and we're supposed to know by next weekend. So remember those fingers your crossed a few days ago? Keep it up!!


billy said...

Good Luck B! We're keeping our fingers crossed....

feather nester said...

Thanks for the cool website! Very neat.

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