Thursday, September 18, 2008

Tips for Thursday

Still pretty slow around these parts. Workin' and preppin' - that's what we do lately. Yesterday I forced myself to shake off the lazy haze that had descended and get a little productive. Of course, I was then rewarded with horrible pain that has lasted until today, but that's life these days. Blech.

So this fine Thursday I have two tips for you. Admittedly, one is far more useful than the other, but even a bad tip is still a tip!

TIP #1

The caption of this photo is "My Mother-in-Law is a Genius" Last time we were home, we were standing in the kitchen and she said "Hey! Did you know about this?? You push in the little circles at the end and it prevents the roll from popping out when you use it!" GENIUS!! You should have seen the two of us freaking out about something kitchen related that was so simple. You should try it - it will change your life. Unless.. you know... we were, like, the only two people who didn't know about it and then this post really won't have the impact I was going for.

This photo is just the prep for Tip #2. As I've told you before, I'm using this move to really go through everything we own to not only weed it out, but to organize it as well. I didn't take a "Before" photo of the linen closet, but it would have just been humiliating, so instead I'm choosing to bask in the glory of the "After" photo. Can you spot the hidden tip in this photo?? No?? Well here it is...

Tip #2

You can't even imagine how many lotion bottles - big, small, scented - are contained in that mesh basket. And you know what the kicker is? I didn't buy ONE of them with my own money. So either lotion is the hot new Christmas item or my skin is vastly under-hydrated. Either way, let's just do everyone a favor and not buy me anymore lotion.


die Frau said...

I am sending you a giant bottle of lotion that will last until your 40s....I'm headed to Sam's Club RIGHT NOW to buy it....It will come in a vat and weigh 20lbs. And it will smell like hyacinth or some other fake, cloying flower scent.


Ouiser said...

i'm just cracking up that it looks like the lotion basket dwarfs the first aid basket. DWARFS. I mean, where the hell do you keep all the bandaids??

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