Sunday, October 26, 2008

Pictures from the weekend

It's the second to last weekend of October, so we're continuing our fall excursions while the weather still holds. Friday night we went on a Haunted History Walking Tour sponsored by our local history center. George Washington lead us all around downtown telling us about the horrible murders or deaths that happened at various locations and buildings. Along the way there were little reenactments as well.

Then on Saturday night we had to leave the house after being inside all day so we had a little date night. And today we went to a local trail which used to be a railroad track until 1957 and I managed to walk three miles and totally survive! I had never been on the trail before and it's so gorgeous - absolutely pristine and perfect. The trail and the entire forest were covered in beautiful fall leaves.

Standing with George Washington after our Haunted History Walking Tour of downtown. This was shortly after we learned that George kicked all of the Cayuga Indians out of the area upon arriving. Typical.

With Ithaca Chick outside the "adult toyland" that we walked by.

After spending all of Saturday inside looking for jobs and doing other low key things, we headed to a local Italian restaurant for drinks and dessert.

View along the South Hill Recreation Trail

The tree grew around the sign - how crazy is that!?

Can you see the "1905" stamped into the side?

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