Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Things shooting all around

So you may or may not have seen my Twitter update yesterday (the little chirps on the right column) that someone shot a BB gun into our bedroom this morning and shattered the window. Yes, you read that right. I have no idea when exactly it happened because I was doing laundry and dishes and generally just running around the house doing chores, but I know it wasn't broken when we woke up. Then at noon I went into the bedroom and saw the cats standing at attention and saw the window.

We have some sparse woods behind our house, but they're too far away for a BB to make it to our window. At first I wasn't that scared, more confused, but as time went on, the whole thing sank in and I got really scared.

B came home from work to check it out and then I called our landlord and the sheriff's department. One of the officers came out and examined the window. He thought that based on the height and shape of the hole, that it was a close range shot and probably came from right behind the house. He interviewed our clearly mentally disturbed neighbor who regularly walks up and down the street yelling at himself and hitting apples with a golf club and thinks he might be the one, but really there's no way to know. Either way, the whole thing was incredibly disturbing and I accomplished nothing on my extensive to-do list today.

On another note, B brought home his fun laser stuff tonight:

See the box and the silver cylinder? That's the technology that B invented and built. The silver cylinder goes on top of a vehicle and tells you whether the road is wet, dry, icy, flooded, or damp.

B tried to show me how it works by using a dish of water, but it was immediately overtaken by some thirsty and curious kitties.

Calibrating the sensor.

Data, calibrations, etc.

My hubby is so smart and nerdy! Also, he's taking the computer away and we won't have it again until Friday morning, so I won't see you until then.

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GIANTS FAN said...

Bryan you are amazing. What a great device to have, is it something that will be available to buy? S I'm soooo glad you are ok, I know how scary it is. Someone shot at the car when I was coming home from work while in floridia. It shattered the back passenger side window. What made it worse was thinking "what if M was in his car seat" Love M.

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