Friday, November 21, 2008

Friday Distractions

It's Friday and I remember from my life as a cubicle dweller what that means - you're over it. You may start the day completely over it, or your "over it" factor might not kick in until after lunch when your food coma really takes hold. There's no coming back from a Friday post-lunch food coma because you just can't bring yourself to care anymore. I mean, I guess if you're one of those crazy people who really likes their cubicle job, then this doesn't apply to you. But honestly, if you liked it that much, I doubt you'd be reading this. So, to fight The Man and help your ability to be distracted, I'll give you some things to do.

British car commercial (via Cake Wrecks)

Ben from Year Round Jack O' Lanterns wrote an incredibly interesting post on the MPAA rating system used for movies. It is very educational and makes you ask yourself the question: Are sex and violence equal enemies or is one worse than the other? As you'll see in the comments section, I think one is worse than the other and it's not what the MPAA thinks.

Little Birdie Secrets is a great website I ran across a few weeks ago with lots of crafts, tips, and tutorials. If you're a craft junkie, click on the Tutorial label (on the left side) and get some ideas for homemade Christmas presents.

Tip Junkie
is another fun website which is, you guessed it, a collection of tips and links to other blogs. Right now they're in the middle of a holiday promotion, so you might have to click back a few pages or click on the labels to get to the more usual posts.

On a more serious note, read the NY Times article on the crucial role the Mormon Church played in helping to defeat Prop 8 in California. (You'll need to sign up for a free account with the NY Times to read the article)

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