Friday, November 7, 2008

More thoughts on Hypermobility Syndrome

Woo Hoo!!! First post on the new desktop computer AND when I have the ability to stand if I want to. Big Day!

As it turns out I don't have a bulging disc after all. Once I saw the physical therapist and he was able to look more specifically at the location of my pain, he determined that it is too low to be disc pain because you don't even have discs where my pain was - who knew! For the anatomy-minded of you, my injury is in S2. He said that it's extremely unusual to have pain that low in the spine, but my body has never really been a "follow the crowd" type of gal, so it's not surprising.

He said that the injury is, in fact, from my Hypermobility Syndrome and is basically just the result of bad luck. Grrrrreeeeeaaaaatttt. He also explained something about the condition that I had never heard before: When a normal person gets up off the couch or transitions (going from up to down or down to up), their body knows that they're about to get up and fires all of the back muscles nanoseconds before actually moving. People with my condition are missing that connection between the muscles and the synapses and our muscles don't fire and tighten until too late, thus causing the spine to be constantly vulnerable to movement. That's also part of the reason why there is no cure to the condition, just lifestyle modifications and crossed fingers.

So that's the latest on Couch Fest '08. I'm able to stand so far today, but we'll see if it lasts. Our poor house is so disgusting and dirty and cluttered and nearly unlivable as a result of me not being able to do anything and B working long hours and having to do everything for me. I'm hoping to be able to take off one layer of embarrassing today by at least loading the dishwasher. If all else fails, I'll light some candles and make it smell nice while looking like squalor.


die Frau said...

Just do what you can, hon. If you can't do it, B will have to double up for a while. He knows you'll more than make up for it.

Glad it's not a bulging disc, at least!

GIANTS Fan said...

I'm so glad it's not a disc. I was told by my PT that when you fill or empty a dishwasher your suppose to bend in the golfers stance (when he picks up the ball) one leg up when you bend, takes the pressure off your back. I know B is there for you. love ya. M

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