Thursday, November 20, 2008

Survey Results

We have the results from last Friday’s survey! My goal was 40 participants and there were 35, so that’s pretty good. The blog gets 60 - 70 unique visitors a day, so about half participated. Let’s see what you had to say…

Men = 20%
Women = 80%

20s & 30s = 89%
40s = 0%
50s+ = 11%

How did you find the blog?
You know me = 25 ppl
You know someone who knows me = 8 ppl
Stumbled Upon = 2 ppl

What type of websites do you visit?
Responses were quite varied on this one, as you would imagine, with several write-in responses
Entertainment & Blogs = ~44% each
Cooking & Politics = ~30% each
Others = sports, social networking, news, etc.

What would you rather do?
Be in Nature = 33%
Museum & Music = 21% each
Restaurant & Dancing = 12% each
Write Ins = TV, cooking, vacation, etc.

The Pulp Fiction Question: Do you…
Really listen = 28 ppl
Wait to Talk = 5 ppl (honest people!)

B’s Question about the ranking system for college football was very divisive with 60% of you answering yes to the fact that there should be a playoff system and 40% of you not having a clue as to what he was asking. Good to know there’s consensus among those who understand the question though!

Daily Element
This question was the most even across all categories with the dirty birds out there representing 27% and winning the race by asking for daily porn. The other categories got pretty even representation – recipe, craft, photo, etc.

Democratic = 19 ppl
Republican = 1 person (how lonely my blog must be for you! :) )
Independent = 4 ppl
No affiliation – decisions based on each election = 9 ppl

Open Comments Section – What do you want to see more or less of?
More recipes – Less recipes – More pictures – More cute stories – More stories about B! – More info about dinosaurs – More information about the media I absorb – etc.

So there ya have it. If I were to generalize, I’d have to say that you’re a bunch of young, nature-loving, good-listening democrats with a propensity for dirty photos and a desire to change the collegiate football system.


Feather Nester was the first to respond to yesterday’s post with her own post on products she loves. As you’ll see when you read it, she took it in a slightly different direction. Basically she’s succumbed to our mutual annoyance with hygiene and just given in completely. It’s better for the planet that way.

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