Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Another Trip Home

I'm getting grief for being such a negligent blogger, but I feel like there hasn't been much to say lately. We went home again last weekend - we're starting to feel like we actually do live there already but just keep our clothes here in Ithaca. I think that was our last trip until the little peanut is born in March... or at the end of February as M is hoping!

She had a lovely baby shower and I got to be reminded again of all of the crap that babies need - I swear, even if you keep it to a minimum, it's still so absurd! They didn't look like they got anything superfluous and yet the entire nursery was full of boxes and bins and stacks and bags. Everything was adorable though and prompted all kinds of squeals of "oh my goooooddddd... can you believe something is tiny enough to fit into this?!!! So cute!!" I'm completely included myself in those rounds of squeals, by the way.

In reality, it was a miracle that we even made it there. The original plan was to leave Saturday morning, but B had to work all morning thanks to a last minute business trip the following Monday. The problem was the huge snow storm that was rapidly heading our way and would trap us here if we didn't get out on time. B finished work about 30 minutes after the storm began, but then he had to get home, throw things in bags, get me, and leave again. Despite nearly winning awards for our rapid packing and house-closing rituals, we were still an hour behind the storm. To make things worse the first hour of our drive is directly south, into the storm, before we get to drive east in an attempt to out run the storm.

So, as you can imagine, it was a looong drive with 2 closed highways thanks to 2 overturned tractor trailers, but we kept saying little prayers to our travel angels that we wouldn't end up on the ditches like so many of the cars we were passing, and we made it just fine. It's some cruel joke that there's a terrible storm every time we want to travel this winter and it's REALLY not helping B's deep hatred of all things winter.

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feather nester said...

I hear you...I am having SUCH blogger's block lately.

Glad M's baby shower was a nice time.

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