Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Beginning Again

It's a new year and we're really gunning to get to Albany before the summer so B can start school during the summer semester, so I've restarted the Great Weed Out that I abandoned right after the Nashville job fell through in October.

I started by going back to the closet I had already weeded out and somehow found an entire garbage bag worth of stuff that I was now willing to part with. Apparently time makes you more ruthless. The fact that I found an entire garbage bag worth of clothes is truly impressive once you know that I hardly own any clothes to begin with. Now if I could get my husband to do the same thing. When I urged him a few months ago to try to go through things again, he assured me that there was nothing left to clean out (though the 2 closets and full dresser would beg to differ), but apparently he's had the same change of heart I did and is now convinced that there is a big second round cut he can make.

In fact, if half of our stuff weren't packed already I'm sure there is even more stuff I could have gotten rid of, but that'll have to be for another time. In the mean time, I'll be wandering through the house in my attempt to personally stock our local Salvation Army for the next year.

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