Monday, February 2, 2009

Mondays are for Montages

We got our wonderful wedding video about a month ago and B was able to upload one of the chapters on You Tube in case anyone wanted to see it. He tried to upload a second chapter, but the music in that chapter (In Your Eyes) is copyrighted and the magical You Tube elves knew that, so the second montage no longer exists. It's too bad too, because the second montage is all of the reception footage and some of it is hysterical. This clip is from the picture taking session on the lawn behind the resort.

If you want to watch the video in better quality without all the fuzziness, click HERE and then click the link on the bottom right of the video that says "watch in high quality."


1 comment:

scallan said...

So thanks for almost making me cry again. Why do weddings do that? Even wedding montages...and what a song - you were going for tears weren't you.

I think I'd like to fast forward this twenties bs and go straight to the tear jerking wedding montage.

Miss you babe.

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