Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Now live and in technicolor!

Last night I took yet another technological step forward. First it was the Blackberry this past summer (which I still love and will never deviate from) and now we're set up with a webcam. The idea originally came about when we were supposed to move to Nashville as a way for us to see our future niece or nephew (due in only 4 weeks!), but then we decided to postpone Nashville for a few years and will now have the pleasure of seeing the new little baby in person. However, then we got pregnant and my west coast family thought it would be a great idea to keep in touch, so everyone got each other webcams for Christmas.

My brother and I tried several different programs last night and none of them were quite right, so we got off the phone for an hour so I could finish dinner and he could do some research, and he came up with ooVoo - by far the best program that we tried. It got the best reviews, so it's no surprise that it worked so well. After we set ourselves up, we tested it out and it was awesome!

As most people know, it can be terribly hard to live so far away from your loved ones. And while phones and email and Facebook and texting and everything else can greatly shorten the distance, there's just nothing like seeing the other person and watching them laugh to the point of tears at the story of how your husband hurt himself on his very first workout day 30 seconds into the video by RUNNING IN PLACE and now can't walk.

Tonight Feather Nester and I are going to try to set ourselves up with a connection as well, which is good because every time she posts a picture of adorable baby L my heart breaks a little. And even though I still won't be able to kiss her perfect little cheeks, I think at least seeing her will help. So if you live far away and you want me to entertain you with video of the growing bump, watch as I try to force the cats to say hello, or entertain you with an endlessly funny list of B stories, spend the $60 for the webcam and get yourself hooked up.

For all the self conscious out there, I will warn you that those little cameras are not forgiving. As soon as the image popped up on the screen I was all "Well HELLO pregnancy zits! Boy! Those are REALLY HIGHLIGHTED on the screen, huh? Maybe I'll throw on a little makeup next time."

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