Monday, February 23, 2009

Movin' Things Around

It was a weekend of productivity around here. Three days of moving, organizing, throwing out, weeding out, and more, all in preparation for our eventual move. There's plenty of progress I can make during the week by myself, but then I get stuck and have to start making B a Honey-Do list. He's been sick for the last three weekends (foot, cold, knee, etc.), so we had been falling behind. Plus, the next shipment of bubble wrap came so I can start packing boxes again. Woo Hoo! I sound facetious, but I'm actually completely serious. Every packed box makes me feel like we're one step closer to getting to Albany.

We capped off the weekend with an absurdly expensive trip to the grocery store and then some Sunday night cooking - meatballs, homemade sauce, New Orleans shrimp, cornbread, etc. Lots of yummy treats for Oscar night. We only made it to 10:30pm though, so I had to read about some of the winners this morning.

Also this morning, I decided to attempt a slow dive back into the fitness pool with some yoga. All I can say is - damn. Taking five months off for my injury, morning sickness, and pregnancy has not done good things for me. I mean, 30 minutes of slow yoga is pretty much the easiest and slowest exercise you could possibly do and yet I still feel creaky and over-stretched. Apparently physical therapy exercises don't count for jack when it comes to overall fitness.

And lastly, a warning to anyone who dares call the house this week - we are on high alert baby watch for our niece or nephew and panic ensues every time the phone rings. So if you call I will inevitably sound disappointed when I answer. It's not personal - it's just that you're less exciting than a new baby.

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