Monday, February 9, 2009

Things I Learned by Watching the Grammys

Hi loves. Sorry about the lack of posting, I'm feeling like an exceptionally boring person lately. While walking through the grocery store yesterday thinking about what I could write, I genuinely considered writing a post about how, regardless of our increasing culinary sophistication, when it comes to cranberry sauce, I far prefer the creepy, gelatinous stuff from the can that is reminiscent of a Jello jiggler. It's cold, it's refreshing, it's like taking a little drink with your roasted chicken. But then I realized that - in addition to not being interesting - it's not really a post so much as a sentence.

It was a pretty low-key weekend around here. B hurt his foot working out and is hobbling around on crutches, so between that and my back, nothing that required movement got accomplished - no garbage or recycling out, no boxes of Salvation Army crap hauled to the garage, even getting the groceries in from the car was a task. I'm anxiously awaiting a gift basket for "all of our continued and loyal business" from the physical therapist's office soon.

We capped the weekend off by watching the Grammys last night, which was a little bit strange as I'm not that in touch with current music and there was a lot of this: "BOYZ II MEN have an album out?!!! WHAT? As in 'Motown Philly' - that Boyz II Men??" So in addition to being reminded of how woefully out of touch I am, I learned a few other things as well:

  • After all these years and the impending "comeback" album, Whitney Houston still can't speak in public without sounding like she's on something.
  • Between all of the young, blond, semi-country singers (Carrie Underwood, Taylor Swift, Kelly Pickler, etc.), I can't keep track of who was on American Idol, who sings what, who may have come from Disney, etc.
  • Until seeing the interview on 60 Minutes an hour before the show, I had seriously underestimated how hot Chris Martin of Coldplay is.
  • I still have yet to hear a Jonas Brothers song - the only part of their performance I caught was them singing Superstition with Stevie Wonder. (As I'm partial to the Tar Beach version, it didn't count)
  • Somehow Kid Rock continues to pull the collective wool over people's eyes and convinces them that he's worthy of performing at the Grammys or receiving them.
  • And in a piece of wisdom that will come in handy next summer, I learned that you can be 9 months pregnant and still look so disturbing that you'll want to make bystanders cry.


die Frau said...

The Jonas brothers are bubblegum pop--easy on the ears, some talent, lots of image. They don't have offensive or misogynistic lyrics, so I don't mind hearing the girls sing their songs.

I think you're dead on regarding your other observations. Whitney probably WAS on something, BTW.

I feel like an old fogey when I hear today's music and think, "What is this noise?! Dagnabbit, time for my liver pills!" OK, I don't say the last part. But seriously, if VH1 did not exist, how many of these people would have careers? Today half of becoming a music sensation involves slithering around the screen in some provocative pose.

Meanwhile, I'm listening to the station Bubblegum Oldies on Pandora. "I'm a Believer" by the Monkees is on. Yes!

Yum said...

I also prefer the gelatinous cranberry "sauce". We're not alone.

Boys II Men ? New album? Really?

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