Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Aaaaannnnddd... I'm done.

We're exactly ten days into February and I've decided that I'm over it. February is useless, I want it to be March. March is when our new niece or nephew gets here (and I'm just now starting to get really anxious for that!), March is when we can find out the sex of our little one, March is closer to April, which is when our vacation is, and sometimes (but only sometimes) the bitter horrible cold of winter starts to subside in March and I am reminded that winter isn't actually a year-round season.

I think the key to surviving winter is finding fun indoor activities to keep you distracted - cooking, craft projects, reading, etc. But as everything I own is packed, my only indoor activities are functional - weeding out, organizing the filing, packing, etc. And functional doesn't really pass the time the way you'd like.

Also - if I'm complaining, I might as well just bring it home! - I'm starting to wonder if you can catch a cold from a cat. Miles has been all kinds of sneezy for a week now and yesterday I caught a horrible cold and have been a walking ball of pregnant phlegm ever since. But, I did actually sleep last night, which means I can play house catch-up today. B was forced to go to work naked today since everything he owns is dirty. Normally that would be a problem, but he doesn't work with any women, so it's fine.

If you find something genuinely redeeming about February, let me know.


die Frau said...

Valentine's Day?

Or, more realistically, how about the fact that it's only 28 days long? I have to agree--it seems like the longest 28 days EVER. Today it's freaky warm and everyone's so excited.

Ever used a neti pot? It's great for the sinuses and it's just salt water. Let me know if you want to know more about it.

DinoDiva said...

February does have a few redeeming things...Darwin and Abe Lincoln's birthday. Presidents day which is one of the few holidays us PRI folks get. This year has a Friday the 13th which is awesome. And Valentines day can be fun. And there is that day in February when that cute little groundhog is on TV all day. And last but not least February means its almost March. And March is that much closer to summer!

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