Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Luscious Television Hair

If you're a girl and you love beauty products than you are well acquainted with a wonderful little website known as Sephora. I could spend entire paychecks at Sephora, but I keep myself limited to my three favorite makeup necessities (primer, foundation, powder) and the occasional impulse purchase. One of the best things about Sephora are all of the free samples you get with every purchase. In fact, I have an entire box in our linen closet labeled "small samples" to organize these little gems.

Yesterday before getting into the shower I consulted the "small samples" box to see if there were any fun shower items that I could use and I ran across a packet of Oscar Blandi Smoothing Hair Treatment. I feel like I've tried all kinds of various spa items over the years and while they're fun to use - especially if they're free - I've never felt like they were worth the price of admission. I was wrong. Enter Oscar.

The hair treatment is supposed to be a once-a-week conditioning treatment that you put on after shampooing and leave on for the duration of your shower. Simple enough. So that's what I did and I tell you, it was amazing!

I have the type of hair that needs a lot of "taming." It's very thick, kind of coarse, not straight or wavy, not shiny in that gorgeous Red Carpet kind of way, and prone to general fuzziness. Looking normal requires a hair dryer, products, and a straightener. Not good mind you, just normal. Good requires hairspray and some teasing and maybe some general chanting.

Well apparently the whole process can be simplified with the addition of Mr. Blandi's hair crap. My hair was just so smooth... and not fuzzy... and so well behaved! So if your hair is in need of a little taming, I highly recommend this.

Additionally, I've never tried it before, but I've heard from several people that Oscar Blandi's Dry Shampoo Spray is also a miracle in a can. Apparently it works best when you're on a schedule whereby you only wash your hair every other day (to prevent it from drying out), but have worked out or got caught in humidity or otherwise need a way to make it look like you've showered without actually having to do so. Sounds a little gross and like you're cheating your way out of hygiene? Well you're entitled to your opinion, but it sounds genius to me!


Ouiser said...

one: the title of this post is cracking me up, and i'm not entirely sure why.

two: do you think that they might actually sell OSCAR in a little jar? i need more than product. i fear that i am at a point in my life where i just need a live-in stylist. i wish i could just shave my head and be done with it.

die Frau said...

I have what I call "bathroom hair": It looks great when I'm in the bathroom, after just having styled it. Then I leave the bathroom and it become a frizzy, limpish, enh pile on my head.

There's a distinct reason I wore my hair up today....

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