Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Tiny Pink Things

One of the great things about the fact that we're having a girl is that we don't have to worry about clothes since Ouiser and Feather Nester are lending us all of their little girl clothes. However, there's still something special about Baby Girl getting her own clothes from friends and family. And they're all so adorable, I can't stop looking at them. Who knew that I would grow to have such an affection for all things baby pink?!


feather nester said...

Of course she needs her OWN clothes, too! The beauty of second-hand is just that you don't NEED to run out and spend a fortune. But the new things are always soooo much fun, too!

I am in LOVE with that sweater. Do they make one in my size? :)

It's amazing how suddenly tolerable (adorable!) all the girly girl stuff gets when it's for your own little one.

ithaca_chick said...

It's MILES! I <3 Miles. Do the cats seem to know that something is up with all these cute little clothes?

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