Thursday, April 9, 2009

Design Love

Although B and I don't take many trips, we pride ourselves on our general lack of consumerism while traveling. And, believe me, it's not necessarily an easy thing to do when every destination makes it SO EASY to return with a suitcase of worldly goods. This was especially true in Turks & Caicos where there was store after store of wonderful art, sculpture, jewelry, and home goods. The same was true - of course - in Disney. But at the end of the day, neither one of us has any interest in adding to the "stuff" in our lives. We got rid of an entire garage full of stuff over this past year and it still feels like we own too much.

On our honeymoon we decided that we wanted to return with one beautiful item that reminded us of our trip and could be permanently on display, so we chose 2 metal fish that, until recently being packed, sat on our mantle. They were perfect - the fish were very island-reminiscent without looking out of place in our house, and the fact that we bought two was symbolic of the two of us. Additionally, I came home with two necklaces.

We continued that tradition at Disney and only came home with one frame so that we could remember our Babymoon and one piece of jewelry for me. This is a ring I stumbled upon on our last day down there. I had to search through the entire box to find one big enough to fit my fingers, but was eventually successful. I love big cocktail rings and don't own any, but I do own earrings and a necklace that match the dark wood perfectly, so this was a nice start. Plus, it's nice to have something small that will always remind you of your trip in a very subtle way.

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