Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Clearly he's in the wrong profession

Anyone who lives near B or spends a significant amount of time with him eventually learns that he is a passionate animal lover. A mere mention of the word "zoo" brings an excitement and light to his face that is usually only seen on a young child with a globe-sized lollipop in his hands. Regardless of what he's doing, he will always notice the birds, insects, or animals that happen to be in the area. Whether he's golfing, driving, looking out a window, walking into a store, etc., he will always notice the wild life. And when life gets stressful and he needs some alone time, the first thing he does is take a hike on a trail and come back with a camera filled with nature shots.

In this house I am very much the one in charge of the camera. If not, everyone would be intimately aware of the markings and behaviors of our two cats and have no idea what we looked like. This trait of his in no way disappears or subsides when we go on vacations. On our honeymoon we came back with about 300 pictures and an ABSURD amount of them were of the little lizards that were running all over the resort.

This held true on our Florida trip as well. We came back with 73 pictures and about ten of them contained a human. I had to edit the pictures I sent around to people so that they knew we were actually together on our vacation and really did go to Disney and not just to a wild park somewhere in Florida.

And the best and most amusing part is that it literally doesn't even OCCUR to him to take a picture of me, or us, and yet a duck waddles by our pool chairs and it's all "QUICK!! GET THE CAMERA!!"

And yet, I don't learn.

Every trip I hand him the camera in the hopes that we'll get a few nice shots of me, or us, on vacation and then when it becomes clear that it's not going to happen, I have to sheepishly intervene:

"Um, honey... would you just take a nice picture of me by the pool so that people can kind of see what the vacation was like?"

(This is where a slight sense of confusion washes over his face followed by a tiny glimmer that that might actually be a nice idea)

"Oh! Uh... yeah, sure"

Here's a small sampling of the wild life we saw in Florida. Just keep in mind that for each picture posted, there are eight or nine more of that same animal in different poses.


feather nester said...

That's so funny...mine tends to be the same way. I can't tell you how many pictures of geckos we have from our honeymoon!

Strongmama said...

at least he takes good photos of all of the animals he encounters! BTW, if he's not so inclined to take pictures of humans, you may want to remind him to have the camera in hand in the delivery room. I had to remind Brett to get the camera out seconds after J was born. I think it went like this, "Congrats, it's a boy." "I knew it. B, where's the camera?" Duh.

Paula said...

At least they are great shots and show his creativity! Any chance B will consider the baby worthy of his photographic attentions?

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