Thursday, June 25, 2009

Baby Face

Meet our little miss Pouty Pants! I had a 34 week ultrasound yesterday so they could check her weight, organs, and all kinds of other stuff and we walked away with some pretty amazing pictures. Unlike most other doctor's offices, my new office here does the 3D ultrasounds as their standard practice, so we got an unbelievable look at our little peanut.

The doc said that she has lots of hair, weighs 5 lbs 13 oz, is extremely active (Ugh. Many thanks to my restless hubby for that trait), and is a "world class pouter." She MAY have gotten the pouting thing from me, but really... why point fingers?

It was hard to get a clear picture of her face because she wouldn't move her hands, but we eventually got some good shots. Now we're even more anxious for her arrival!! I have a lot of her clothes washed and the lightweight stroller put together, but we're still waiting on the arrival of the nursery furniture to really whip things into shape.

Here's another picture of her - very squished - face. This one cracks us up because she looks like a little African baby. Clearly she has her Aunt M's beautiful lips and her dad's dark hair. I think I got shut out of the gene pool this time around, but we'll see. It's not surprising, I'm one big recessive gene, so I wasn't expecting a pale little redhead.

As for me, here's how she looks from the outside. I'm still feeling remarkably good for being 35 weeks along. I live a very low key lifestyle that includes a lot of couch time, so I'm sure that's why I'm lucky enough to feel so good, but considering the fact that I thought I'd be on full bed rest due to my back at this point, I'm loving life. And can I mention for the one millionth time how grateful I feel to not be working?? What an unbelievable blessing it is to just focus on our new house and our little one without having to work. Most people are not this lucky and I recognize that fact every single day. Right now I will happily give up new clothes and dinners out and every other luxury to enjoy a peaceful existence with Baby Girl and B.


Anonymous said...

You are not one big recessive gene!


Wonderland said...

She is so beautiful. Her face made me a little weapy. hugs to all of you!

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