Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Hi all. Sorry for the big fat posting delay. We moved the computer down into the office - as opposed to being in the living room - and now I'm hardly ever on it. Ya know, as I'd have to walk ALL THE WAY into another room to blog, and that's just far too much to remember. It was much easier when I could listen to Law & Order: Criminal Intent in the background while posting. I managed to catch up on a lot of emails and bills today though, so I will attempt to be a better blogger. But really, it's just preparation for when Baby Girl comes and I disappear for long stretches while trying to figure out how to be a first time mama.

There's not much to report from Casa Scarlet Lily. Between my limited mobility and the house combination of Lots 'o Stuff meets Not Much Storage, the settling in process has been slow going. We've decided to forgo all weekend plans to try to make a dent in the Big List though.

If anyone is on Twitter, I've been a much better Tweeter than I have been a blogger lately (see the Little Chirps section in the sidebar if you're not on Twitter). It's not much consolation, but I can do it from the couch with my phone, so it's easier. Enjoy your 4th!

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