Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Baby, You Rock

Last night B walked in the door from work panting. And since we don't live on top of a mountain, I knew something was up. As it turned out, as soon as he got out of the car he looked across the street (a very busy 2 lane road) and saw a little girl on an out of control tricycle bombing down a hill into traffic and a frantic mom with a baby attempting (and failing) to catch her. So he dropped his stuff, sprinted across the street and stopped the runaway tricycle.

After recounting the story he started telling me about his first day of work and a funny incident that happened during his HR meeting. The story concluded with "... I was like Elle Woods on her first day of law school!"

Then an hour later we feasted on a salad, whole wheat spaghetti and some amazing homemade sauce we took out of the freezer.

Saving the lives of children, making Legally Blond references, and living up to our Italian roots with killer sauce - I have a rock star of a husband.


giants fan said...

way to go B, glad to hear the job went well. There are no words to tell you thank you from that mom. Here is my T.Y. from a mom :). Hope you caught the 4 th inning of the NY game

die Frau said...

Well, you certainly know how to make fast friends!

And you're not bored, that's for sure! Glad things are going well.

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