Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Notes on the move

Four days on the couch without the ability to walk has made exceedingly grateful for the fact that I have regained a little movement today. Although there was a slight detour in my recovery last night when I gave myself a severe burn on my back with my ice pack. It looks pretty gross, but it's healing well. Despite that, I feel a weensy teensy bit better today. It's never been so satisfying to do light housework.

Also, while having my morning "snack" of an English muffin, a granola bar, and some cinnamon graham crackers, I got to the bottom of the graham cracker box and found... the key to the safe!! Because, of course, where else would it be but in a box in the pantry? Good thing we weren't actually looking for it since we clearly never would have found it. At least, not until the next Pregnant Lady Starts Eating Random Shit From the Pantry Because She Is Too Hungry to Cook episode. So... let's be honest... we would have found it pretty quickly.

1 comment:

die Frau said...

I so would have done that. And it never would have been found, EVER.

Glad you're slowly recovering!

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