Thursday, July 2, 2009

A Recent Conversation

Friend - I haven't seen you in a while, how has your back been holding up with the pregnancy?

Me - Oh, pretty good, considering. I have a few hours a day of good work-time in me, but the rest of the time I'm mostly on the couch. I watch a lot of TV lately.

Friend - Oh yeah? Like A Baby Story and Maternity Ward!!

Me - Ummmm.... noooooo.... more like several hour marathons of Law & Order and Bones. I hate the baby shows, but I'm all about the crime dramas.


Ouiser said...

it was lots and lots of food network for me at the end. and reruns of The O.C. on the soap channel.

Strongmama said...

About a week after moving to austin, abc family started showing all the gilmore girls in order. i watched every one. I also watched the travel channel's great hotels and passport to europe in spite of the headache samantha brown gave me each time.

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