Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Family Weekend

I haven't yet figured out how to take care of Baby C all day, keep a clean house/organized life, and be a good blogger, so until I can keep all those balls in the air, I'm taking the easy way out with pictures.

This past weekend was our first weekend alone as a family without any visitors so we dove into our new life of doing "family things" by going to a little fall festival at a local nature preserve. After that we met up with some family who were in town for the day, and Sunday was a surprise birthday dinner for B's Aunt. It was a great balance of relaxation and activities.

At the nature preserve

The restaurant was BYOB. Flask in the diaper bag is always a good way to roll, regardless.

"Hey, look... we're OUT!! Amongst other grown ups! Drinking wine! Is that not inherently exciting? Huh..."

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