Monday, October 5, 2009

He's the Best

For those of you who don't know my husband, he is the ultimate Absent Minded Professor. His parents even used to call him that when he was little and nothing has changed in the years since then. We joke about it all the time around the house, about how his brain is just wired... differently... from other people's. I tell him that the fact that I find all of his flightiness, forgetfulness, and lack of common sense adorable and funny instead of infuriating is why we work. Though about once a week this exchange occurs:

Me - AGH!! HONEY, do you have ANY idea what it's like to live with you?!!
Him - Just imagine what it's like to BE me!!
Me - Haha.. OK, good point.

And while he makes me laugh everyday with some little B-ism, every once in a while he does something SO ABSURD that it makes me cry with laughter and then we reminisce about it for weeks afterwards. One of those little events happened last weekend.

It was your typical Saturday morning in the Scarlet Lily household. Adorable baby was in her swing, loving parents were in their pjs and the coffee was on the way. Both of us take our coffee with cream and sugar... that will be relevant in a moment.

B had offered to fix the coffee for us when I came up behind him to give him a sweet little Saturday morning snuggle (insert cute couple banter). But my loving gesture actually threatened to RUIN THE ENTIRE DAY...

B - Oh MAAAAAANNNNNNN...... (very whiny, very disappointed)

Me - What?!

B - UGH!! I can't remember if I put the sugar in or not!!! Damnit!

Me - (long pause....................) Huh?

B - The Sugar! I can't remember if I put the sugar in yet and if you over-sugar coffee it taste horrible! I'm gonna have to dump these out and brew a new pot.

Me - (TOTALLY blank expression. The kind where your brain has actually stopped moving or processing life)

B - What?

Me - Uh... or you could TASTE IT.

B - (TOTALLY blank expression. The kind where your brain has actually stopped moving or processing life)

B - (More blank stares) WHOA. I would NOT have thought of that. Ha! I was about to tell you that it's total bullshit that Crate & Barrel didn't sell a Sugar Meter that we could have registered for when we got married. Huh. Wow...

Welcome to our marriage :)

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Wonderland said...

OH my God! I am laughing my fricken butt off right now!!! That was the most wonderful insight into your life. I felt like you guys were in my kitchen. A SUGAR METER!!!! Hahahaahaha!

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