Monday, October 5, 2009

Apple Fest

We had another Family Fun Day yesterday at a local Apple Fest. These are the kinds of things that, in theory, we'd want to attend before but rarely actually did. Apparently the addition of someone who sleeps through 90% of any activity and spends the other 10% trying to hold her head up is just enough impetus to get us out in the world. Well, that and the promise of caramel apples. Those can get me pretty much anywhere.

The adorable husband, holding his even more adorable child.

Charlotte with her gorgeous Aunt M.

Baby Alpaca

The petting zoo was supposed to be for the small children, but since B's dream is to live in a zoo and I have an uncontrollable obsession with snuggling all things cute, small, & furry, that part of the Apple Fest was high on the priority list. I asked B if it would be rude to push the small children out of the way so I could get to the Alpaca of Adorableness faster, and though he said it would be more frowned upon than actually rude, I decided to impatiently wait my turn in the snuggle line. Although when I got to the fence it was all I could do not to hop it, throw my arms around his tiny little sweater body and make little squealy sounds. I thought they might take my child away from me if I did that though, so I stuck to the "pet the head of the animal through the fence" protocol that seems to be preferred at petting zoos. All in all a great day.


Strongmama said...

Have you ever seen those commercials where they try to encourage you to raise alpacas in your backyard?Could be interesting!

GIANTS FAN said...

her head should be big enough for her new hats, and try the sunglass's

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