Wednesday, December 16, 2009

4 months and counting

On the scale of 1 to so-freaking-squeezy-and-lovable-I-might-actually-bruise-her-with-my-kisses, I have to say that 4 months is right at the top of that scale. I just want everyone I know to come over and munch on Charlotte's cheeks, get her to giggle, and see how she can make your heart grow three sizes, just like the Who's did for the Grinch. And maybe she wouldn't have that effect on anyone but her immediate relatives, but MAN she has that effect on B and I!

It's strange to think that she won't remember all of the times that we lay on the floor together with her toys and her kitty and snuggle and laugh. (I say "kitty" because even though she really has 2 kitties, Dizzy won't go anywhere near her) I like to think, though, that all of those happy times will live in her heart. That they'll make her into one of those people who seems to have that internal glow of joy; one of those people who you know is cherished and therefore goes on to cherish others. The thought of any child, and obviously there are millions, growing up with anything less breaks my heart to such a degree that I literally can't even think about it.

At this point, she's basically sleeping through the night. And not because of formula or rice cereal or any magic trick (everyone claims to have a trick!). I think it's just because she was ready. And I pretty much think that's how it is with all of them - they do stuff when they're ready and not before.

We started her on rice cereal once a day on the doctor's recommendation and we've been doing it for three days now. The first two days she didn't really get it. She ate it fine, but she didn't really get the whole open-your-mouth thing and it took some coaxing. That changed last night though and she looked like a frantic little bird when that spoon emerged from the bowl. EVERY spoonful was met with all four limbs flailing and waving and the biggest open mouth you could imagine. It was absolutely hysterical.

She also decided yesterday that she could hold a bottle all by herself too. Her father and I take this as direct evidence that she is clearly a goddess and a genius. it pretty much takes almost nothing to re-convince us of that, so you can take the bottle-holding with the appropriate grain of salt.

Here are some other random anecdotes - more written here so that I will have a place to look back on and remember them, than for the fact that I have delusions that they will be interesting to all of you!

* If you look at her and open and close your mouth, it is absolutely the funniest thing she can imagine. We thought it would wear off after a while, but so far it hasn't.

*"Airplane Baby," where her father lifts her into the air and makes her fly towards you also inspires a manic happiness that makes me a little worried that one day she'll ask to do really dare devil things, like bungee jumping.

* She has shown great affection and love towards a little pink fleece blanket that my brother got for her. She holds it, chews it, and sleeps with it.

* She has turned into a HUGE busybody. She can't take more than a few sips of milk before she rips herself off of my body and cranes her neck around the room in case, GOD FORBID, she's missing something interesting. It's gotten to the point that even though she hears my voice all day long, if I talk on the phone while she's eating, she stops every two seconds to look at me. "Huh? What was that mommy? That sounded interesting. Maybe I should be contributing to this conversation."

* She still loves her baths just as much as she did the very first time we put her in the water at 2 weeks old. Now matter how long we keep her in there, it never gets tiring. Last time, I sat on the floor with my phone and searched the internet while she frantically kicked and splashed in the water until I made her get out.

* She has a disturbing love of television. And maybe all babies do at this age, I have no idea, but we have to face her toys away from the TV, and sometimes even have to walk into another room with her to get her attention if the TV is on.

* No matter how tired or grumpy she is, she will smile for both of her grandmas. Clearly she already knows how to work the system!
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