Friday, January 22, 2010

A Beautiful Whirlwind

It's been a crazy week around here. After our beloved Grampa "Booch" (short for Bucci) died on Saturday, the insanity started. My brother arrived Sunday night at midnight from Oregon, on Monday we picked up our new car (great timing!) and then everyone but B drove to Binghamton to be with the family. Walking in to my Gradma's house was the loudest, craziest, slightly drunken, beautiful whirlwind you could imagine - a great celebration of life and family.

Then on Tuesday, B presented the project he's been working on for months to the president of his company (successfully) and met us in Binghamton. Wednesday was the lovely (and stunningly well-attended) funeral and reception. B had to leave half way through the reception to make it back for his first night of classes for the semester, and my brother, Charlotte and I had to leave a few hours later to make it back to Albany in time to get my dad from the airport. His trip actually had nothing to do with the funeral, it had been planned for a while. The fact that the funeral and his trip didn't manage to overlap was an absolute miracle.

Tuesday night my dad, brother, Charlotte, and I all got to be together (for the first time) for a few hours, and then I took my brother back to the airport at 5am. The next day B went back to work, I tried to walk through the day with my eyes open, and then we picked up my dad's wife at lunchtime. At 6pm I hit the wall.

I turned to B and said "I'm done. Like, REALLY done. It's all I can do to get this glass of wine to my face and that is taking every single bit of physical strength I have left. " Thankfully he had about two ounces more energy than I did and managed to get my dad & D back to the hotel and put the little miss to bed.

I'm feeling much more capable of being in the world today but I'm pretty sure B isn't since he couldn't get out of bed until about ten minutes before he had to leave for work. Thank god it's Friday.

I'd like to write more about the funeral later because it was extremely touching. Maybe on Monday...

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Strongmama said...

I'm impressed you find time to blog! Try to find some time to get some rest while your family is visiting. You'll feel so much better. Hugs.

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