Friday, February 19, 2010

Happy Place

Dear Self,

Remember last weekend? Remember how you were hanging out with your great friends and their adorable (allegedly Puerto Rican) blond hair, blue-eyed baby? That was nice. Let's go there, to that happy place of last weekend. Before TEETHING hit and you and Charlotte spent five days not napping, not sleeping, and camped out in the living room. And while we're at it, can we also go back a few days before that when your husband had a functioning back and could lift the perpetually unhappy baby?



1 comment:

Strongmama said...

Sorry to hear it's been so yucky. We're sort of sleeping, but it's been yucky here as well due to a really bad cold that makes it impossible to breathe or eat without tons of gross snot everywhere. If we can figure out how to create something that magically lifts snot off of a baby's face without causing mad panic, and it can cure the teething blues, we'll be rich! Hang in there. I keep wondering when S is going to get her first tooth. She turns 9 months next week!

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