Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Fashion Love

Having much less muscle tone and a slightly different shape this summer than previous summers has made me rethink summer wardrobes, and this is what I think: dresses and skirts.  You look nicer than when you're in shorts and a top and they're almost always more comfortable.  HOW did I not figure this out until now??!

I've never even liked the shorts/top combo.  You perpetually look like you're either about to go on a hike or a walk on the beach.  And really, how often are you actually about to do that? Almost never.

In a bit of serendipity I was turned on to Down East Basics yesterday as I was zipping through the blog Design Mom.  The woman who runs the blog recently had a baby so she's been featuring birth stories from various moms which I have NO interest in reading.  I'm traumatized enough from my own horrendous birth story that I don't want to read about how yours was also bad (See!! Labor is a stupid and ridiculous process and we're all fucked!!) or about how it wasn't nearly as bad as your were anticipating and in the end it was a really moving experience (Shut up you hippie bitch, I hope you have a karmic bitch slap in your future).  So.  Uh... NO to the birth stories, but YES to pretty summer fashions for cheap prices.

All of the skirts over at Down East Basics are under $30 and all of the dresses are just a touch more than that.  The online sizing seems to be a bit limited - uh, XXS anyone? - so I ordered their catalog instead. 

So break out that razor that you put away last November and go make yourself pretty!


Ouiser said...

welcome to my world. skirts and cardigans. it's a fabulous place!!

Wonderland said...

I wear skirts almost every day in the summer, becasue of all of the reasons you listed. (That, and my legs look about 6 inches long when I wear shorts...). You'll love it!

die Frau said...

1) One day I hope to have a labor story of some kind, either easy or difficult.

2) I LOVE skirts in the summer for all of the same reasons. They're so comfortable and flowy. My summer wardrobe for the last few summers has included a t-shirt, a skirt, and flip-flops. LOVE IT.

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