Monday, May 24, 2010

"So much squealing"

The conclusion of a discussion B and I had about the possibility of having 3 kids, specifically what it would be like to have 3 girls:

B - I have these visions of you surrounded by three girls, and there is SO. MUCH. SQUEALING.  I've learned recently that no matter how old you all get, the squealing never goes away.  Also, you're all surrounded by tampons.  They're just strewn everywhere.

Me - You think that's what it's like having three girls? 

B - Yeah.  And everyone is saying the word "vagina." And then I sigh, pour a scotch, and have to leave the room.

Me - I think you have the picture of a 1970s women's empowerment home study group confused with our potential future family.

B - No, I'm pretty sure I'm right.


die Frau said...


I must admit, as a teacher (for four years at an all-girls' school), the squealing doesn't stop for a while. Scotch may be in order. But I'd say there are many fewer pairs of hideously dirty and smelly socks and shoes. And fewer trips to the emergency room.

And yes, B, if you ever truly got to listen to an all-female conversation, we really do all talk about vaginas constantly. And we had scantily clad pillow fights in college ALL THE TIME.

Ouiser said...

i can not stop laughing. your husband is so silly. and, hey, he could have a daughter like me who would rather be shot than say the "v word."

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